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Is this pandemic over yet?

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update:


     I miss seeing you all in person and am looking forward to this transition back to in-person sessions, however, I also want to make sure that everyone remains healthy and that I take precautions to keep everyone safe in light of the recent pandemic. There is no push or pressure to come in for in-person sessions and I encourage everyone to make the decision on when to return to in-person sessions based on what is best for you and your families.

     Most insurance companies have made exceptions to cover telemental health services due to COVID-19, however, you would have to check with your current insurance provider to see about coverage outside of the designated exemptions due to pandemic. Here's an update on most recent coverage guidelines I have received from insurance companies:

Qualchoice (telemental health coverage until October 23rd)

Ambetter (telemental health coverage until October 25th)

Blue Cross Blue Shield/Health Advantage (telemental health coverage until October 23rd)

Cigna (telemental health coverage until October 31st)

AETNA (telemental health coverage until September 30th)

United Healthcare (telemental health coverage September 30th)

Tricare (no coverage end date reported at this time)


In-person sessions will resume on July 6, 2020 with the following AR Dept Health Guidelines:

*** Must complete 5 question screening questionnaire with therapist indicating if you have had any of the following:

  1. Fever of 100.4 or higher (to be checked via no-contact thermometer)?
  2. Cough/shortness of breath/other COVID-19 symptoms?
  3. Recent pneumonia?
  4. Have traveled overseas or to other states/areas considered hot spots for COVID-19 spread?
  5. Have you had any contact with anyone with Novel Coronavirus in last 14 days?

*** Therapist and client must wear face coverings. (I will have masks available for anyone who may need one).


     As additional precautions, I will also be adding more time between in-person sessions to allow for disinfecting between sessions, providing access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes/spray, and providing opportunities to submit payments and paperwork online. Feel free to pass along if there is an additional adjustment or modification that you would recommend to promote comfort and safety in the office setting.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

This page includes additional detailed information regarding the transition to telemental health (online) services and how it impacts current clients. 

Content includes:

Why the switch to online counseling? 

What if I don't want to do online counseling?

How do I participate in online sessions? What do I need? 

Will I still get appointment reminders?

How do I pay for sessions?

Does insurance cover online counseling?

When will I be able to see you again in person?

What are some things to consider when participating in online counseling? 

Telemental Health

Corona Virus 

(COVID-19 Update 03/23/2020)

Why switch to online counseling?

     As COVID-19 continues to spread, I am electing to transition to online services as a means to help protect clients and others from potentially being exposed to the virus. The governor has recently mandated that all medical providers (including mental health) must check the temperature of each client and ask screening questions (related to recent travel and upper respiratory symptoms) prior to meeting with them. This has created some concerns for me as a mental health provider associated with my office's lack of waiting room, lack of access to personal protective equipment, inability to locate an (in stock) no-contact thermometer, etc. 

What if I don't want to do online counseling?

     I realize that I have several clients who prefer to meet in person and I want to note that I did not take making the decision to transition to online counseling lightly. If you have issues or concerns about participating in online counseling (or lack of internet access) please feel free to reach out and we can brainstorm about possible ways to continue your mental health services while at the same time promoting safety and well-being of all involved parties.  

How do I participate in online sessions? What do I need? 

     Online sessions are conducted using a secure, online HIPAA complaint internet-based platform ( works with most popular internet browsers (ex. Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and there should be no downloads required. Online sessions can be conducted using your smartphone, tablet, and/or computer with internet access, camera, speaker, and microphone.

     When it is time for your session, you simply click this link: which takes you to a virtual waiting room. You simply enter your name and wait for me to check you in. You can check out the waiting room prior to your scheduled session and do a "pre-test' call to check your internet connection, audio, and video quality.

Will I still get appointment reminders?

     Yes, you will continue to receive appointment reminders as usual. Appointment reminders are available via email, text message, or automated call. If you would like to adjust your appointment reminder information, just let me know. 

How do I pay for sessions?

     Most clients pay using a recurring credit or debit card on file. This option remains for online counseling sessions. You can also pay online at: If desired, you can also mail payments to:

Because You Matter Counseling PLLC

21 MacArthur Drive

Conway, AR 72032

Does insurance cover online counseling?

     Most insurance companies are electing to cover online counseling for the next 15-60 days (depending on the company) to accommodate the government recommendations for social isolation to help prevent spread of COVID-19 (even policies that usually do not cover these services). There are also some insurance companies that cover online counseling any time of year. Unfortunately, plans vary greatly (even under the same insurance company) about which services they will cover.

     If your insurance company elects not to cover telemental health services during this time, you will NOT receive a bill for these services.

When will I be able to see you again in person?

     At this time I am uncertain, how long virtual services will be recommended. I will update the website and send out email updates to keep everyone informed. 

What are some things to consider when participating in online counseling? What should I expect?

    I just wanted to take this time to pass along what to expect and things to consider when participating in online sessions. My commitment to maintaining confidentiality and complying with government regulations regarding protecting your health information extends to the online forum. I will be providing telemental health services from my office so, I will not be in an area will others will have access to information that you are sharing. It is important for you to consider ways to protect your confidentiality in your environment as well (ex. considering can others hear what you are saying).

     I also want to note that with the use of technology comes possible interruptions or delays for factors outside of our control: poor internet connection, computer freezes, screen glitches, etc. In an effort to try to reduce some of these experiences, I am completing a "pre-test call" prior to each session and encourage you to do the same to obtain feedback about the quality of audio, video, and internet connection. If we encounter issues, we will troubleshoot and problem solve together (ex. transition to a telephone call with video, cut off video and just use audio, use the texting feature on, etc.).

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